Coach Yourself Through Change

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It is said that change is constant, but if it is going on all the time, why does it sometimes seem so hard to cope with?
The more you understand about change and the impact it has on you the more easily you will be able to successfully coach yourself through it.

Practical advice and exercises developed from 25 years of helping people manage change effectively. 

This course will encourage you to think about how you personally react to change. You will discover the reasons for negative reactions to change (and how to counteract them) and how to identify key actions and behaviours to successfully coach yourself through change.
You will discover the secret to change and how to develop an understanding of how people transition through change and how to manage it for yourself. 
Module 1

The Secret to Managing Change

Learn the difference between change and transition. 
Module 2

How to Recognise the Impact of Your Thinking

Discover how you can influence your thinking to see change in a completely different way.
Module 3

How to Speed Up Your Mental Adjustment

Learn how you make your personal change journey quicker and easier.
Module 4

Focus on What You Can Influence

Explore the importance of deciding what to give attention to and avoid unnecessary worry and wasted time. 
Module 5

How to Take Control

Consider what you can control on your change journey and how to counteract possible negative feelings.
Module 6

What Next?

How could you possibly ensure you keep your learning in mind on your change journey? 

Start your journey to successfully managing change

The Course