Thinking Bigger, Better, Bolder

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We’ve been changing the way the world thinks for over 20 years. Our Stretch course brings this learning together to get you thinking bigger, better and bolder. Since discovering the secrets behind people successfully being able to Make a Difference, our Go M.A.D.® Results Framework and solution focused Thinking System has been changing lives. It has revolutionised lives at work, at home and across communities. 

Boosted with a practical set of tools and techniques that can be used daily, at work and at home,
the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System provides
the foundation for bigger, better and bolder thinking.

Everyone is capable of thinking in a bigger, better and bolder way. It’s about understanding your thinking and having the tools and techniques at your fingertips to use every day. The principle is simple - if you improve how you think, and the questions you ask you will achieve better results.
This short digital course will introduce you to two of the Go M.A.D.® Thinking frameworks. The first will give you insights into how your thinking impacts on you and your achievements. The second will help you identify where to focus your thinking to make the differences you want. You will discover ways to scale your thinking, a method to give you numerous solutions to any problem, and master goal defining techniques that you can use straight away.
The course lasts around 4 hours and includes a number of practical exercises to get you applying your new thinking immediately. At the end of the course, through a virtual coaching session, you will set yourself a challenge and create an actionable plan for the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Once mastered, the skills you learn on this course will boost your thinking daily.
So, how big and bold are you prepared to think?
Module 1

Thinking Bigger

Discover four ways to help you upsize your thinking to achieve more.
Module 2

Thinking Better to
Achieve Goals

Explore the key success principles and how to consciously apply them to get the things you want. 
Module 3

Thinking Better if you
have a Problem

Learn an incredibly speedy and efficient way to move from a problem to a solution.
Module 4

Thinking Bolder

Gain insights into some quick, but effective things to do to be more audacious in your thinking. 
Module 5

Building a Plan to Think Bigger, Better and Bolder

Put your learning into action, to make a difference for yourself, your team or your organisation.

It's time to celebrate!

We'll end the course by asking 'What's next?'. How much bigger, better and bolder are you prepared to think?

Gain a practical and innovative toolkit to use time and time again for yourself and with others

The Course