Unleashing Wellbeing

To boost health and performance

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Happiness and well-being in the workplace are key for productivity. We’ve been changing the way the world thinks and partnering with organisations around the world to improve their productivity and effectiveness for over 20 years. Our Unleashing Wellbeing course brings together our experience, Go M.A.D.® Thinking tools and techniques and the five key elements needed to maintain and enhance well-being, both in and out of the workplace.

Discover the five key elements of wellbeing and unlock the tools for you and your teams to start every day energised, engaged and empowered.

Well-being is sought by everyone, and increasing it may sound simple but in reality it is not easy to maintain on a daily basis across both your home and work life. This course will unlock the tools and techniques you need to be able to do this. The five essential elements of Martin Seligman's PERMA model will be introduced which will give you the power to take positive action towards increasing wellbeing as an individual, a leader and an organisation.
Mental wellbeing impacts our health, relationships, performance and overall happiness and at an organisational level employee wellbeing directly impacts productivity. Regardless of our background, job role, age or gender we are all impacted by the state of our mental health.
This short digital course delivers a wide range of tools and techniques that can be used with ease to promote positive mental wellbeing as well as Light Bulb Moments to help unlock our aspirations.
Module 1

Positive Emotions

Learn about the benefits and impact of positive emotions and how important they are in the workplace.
Module 2


Discover the mental state of engagement, known as Flow, and find out how to unlock and trigger it within yourself and others. 
Module 3


Discover how to enhance your relationships, the importance of involving others and how to take personal responsibility to build a positive workplace culture.
Module 4

Meaning & Purpose

Find out how to develop ‘meaning’ at work for yourself and others. Bring a feeling of fulfilment to everyday. 
Module 5


Learn tools and techniques to define your goals, begin your journey towards achieving more and find out why celebrating your wins will boost your well-being. 

It's time to celebrate!

You are now ready to adopt the tools and techniques you have discovered during the course and take personal responsibility for using them in your daily life. It’s time to unleash your well-being. 

Your journey to positive wellbeing starts here.
Unleash it today.

The Course